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Norwest markets a complete line of dryers either of our own conception or from suppliers we represent, each world leaders in their particular field. 


Used for drying solid products whole, in granules or pellets such as plants, fruit and vegetables, fine chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

These units are very versatile and easily cleaned. They can be changed very rapidly from one product to another 

Small drying cells and ovens

  • Batch Oven for small capacities with individual trays held on runners, designed for air circulation across or through the trays in batch operation.
  • Drying Cells containing up to four carts, with trays, for simultaneous treatment. These cells can be extended and transformed into tunnel dryers.


Sécheur PAC
Sécheur PAC

Semi-batch / continuous tunnel dryers

  • Drying tunnels, containing up to twelve carts with trays for semi-continuous treatment. Air flow can be parallel or counter-current.
  • Drying station – multiple units for large capacities with separate zones for different temperature programmes, heating or cooling, pre-treatment or conditioning. Indexing systems sequentially control the movement of carts through the tunnel.

All the units can be operated with direct or indirect heating or deshumidified air. Construction can be modular, panels in kit form or masonry. Pre-treatment and Conditioning equipment can be supplied together with full Automation through the dryer or the whole line if required. 

Norwest supplies for all our tray dryer lines :

  • Process know-how
  • Turnkey lines
  • Engineering packages for local manufacture


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