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Norwest also proposes a range of hot air and contact rotary dryers from R. Simon (Dryers).       

Steam heated Drum Dryers are used for the removal of water and solvents from solutions, slurries and suspensions. 


Water cooled Drum Flakers are used for the production of solid, easily handled flakes from hot melts. 

Contact tubular dryers allow drying of solids cascading through a rotating steam heated tube bundle. The drying process requires little or no air.

Tubular coolers are of similar design with a water cooled tube bundle. 


Rotary Louvre Dryers and Coolers

Material is passed through a horizontal rotating cylinder fitted with louvres allowing the air to pass through the bed of material. The rolling action of the bed produces an intimate mixing without dropping through the air stream as in a conventional cascade dryer. 

Rotary Steam Tube Dryers

For applications requiring a tubular dryer with very large heating areas. 

Kilns and Calciners

Indirect gas or oil fired calciners built in special refractory lined alloy steels for the heat treatment of powders and granular solids., Site réalisé par Itané